VERSO Founding Head of School Welcome Message

VERSO’s opening in August 2020 represents a major milestone in international school education. In a bold departure from the traditional school design process, VERSO is a school unlike any other. In a ground-breaking partnership with IDEO, the San Francisco based global design and innovation company, VERSO gives Bangkok, a compelling and inspirational vision for the future of international education.

With Bangkok as our creative canvas, we are designing an evolutionary school that will continue to respond to the changing world of work, life, and leisure, drawing on developing understandings of how we learn.

Using human-centered design, we are re-engineering operational structures, physical spaces and learning culture to produce innovative, entrepreneurial life-long learners prepared for a dynamically shifting future.

VERSO values and responds to the uniqueness of each child to develop a strong sense of personal and cultural identity, an ability to engage with the world and the confidence to lead their own journey.

As a premier international school, VERSO will be fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) ensuring global recognition for the school’s reports, transcripts, and diplomas. VERSO is also proud to be a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium: a growing global movement of influential schools who are fully committed to re-inventing how students prepare for college, career, and life.

Future Ready - Personalized - Project Based - Interdisciplinary - American Learning Program

If you would like to find out more please contact our admissions office.